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Shopify is a popular e-commerce platform that allows businesses to create and manage their online stores. With the assistace of our Shopify course, students will get hands-on assignments and projects to apply the concepts they learn in class. These assignments help students gain practical experience in building and managing Shopify stores and preparing them for real-world scenarios.

Key Areas we are covering in Shopify Training Course

The course begins with an introduction to Shopify, its history, and its features. Students learn about Shopify's philosophy and principles, including its focus on simplicity, ease of use, and powerful e-commerce features.

Students learn how to set up a Shopify store, including choosing a theme, configuring the store settings, and adding products. They also learn how to set up payment gateways, shipping methods, and taxes

The course covers Shopify apps, including how to install and configure third-party apps to add additional functionality to their store. Students learn about popular Shopify apps, including email marketing, social media integration, and product reviews.

The course covers Shopify design, including how to create custom pages, menus, and navigation. Students learn how to use Shopify's design tools to create a unique and engaging user experience.

The course covers Shopify analytics, including how to use Shopify's built-in analytics tools to track sales, customer behavior, and marketing performance. Students learn how to use this data to optimize their store and improve their marketing efforts.

The course covers Shopify SEO, including how to optimize product pages, collections, and other content for search engines. Students learn about Shopify's built-in SEO tools and how to use them to improve their store's visibility in search results.

Tools to hands-on

  • Shopify Admin
  • Shopify Theme Kit
  • Shopify Liquid
  • Shopify App Store
  • Shopify POS
  • Shopify Payments
  • Shopify Shipping
  • Shopify Scripts
  • Shopify Analytics
  • Shopify API

Benefits of taking IT Training Indore Shopify Course

  • Professional Instruction
  • Hands-on Experience
  • Portfolio Development
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Industry Insights
  • Certification

Course Curriculum

  • Overview of Shopify
  • Shopify pricing plans and features
  • Setting up a Shopify store
  • Shopify store design and layout
  • Configuring Shopify settings
  • Adding and managing products in Shopify
  • Managing product categories and collections
  • Managing orders and customers in Shopify
  • Shopify payment and shipping settings
  • Shopify tax settings
  • Shopify theme structure and layout
  • Creating and customizing Shopify themes
  • Using Shopify templates to customize pages
  • Creating custom layouts and sections
  • Overview of Shopify apps and plugins
  • Installing and configuring Shopify apps
  • Adding new payment and shipping options
  • Enhancing the checkout process with apps
  • Shopify SEO and social media integration
  • Shopify email marketing and automation
  • Creating and managing Shopify discounts and promotions
  • Using Shopify analytics to track sales and customer behavior
  • Overview of Shopify APIs and integrations
  • Creating API integrations with Shopify
  • Managing Shopify data through APIs
  • Working with REST and GraphQL APIs
  • Overview of Shopify security and performance
  • Securing Shopify with best practices and apps
  • Managing user accounts and permissions in Shopify
  • Shopify performance optimization
  • Overview of Shopify deployment and hosting options
  • Shopify hosting requirements and recommendations
  • Shopify deployment best practices
  • Shopify Plus hosting and features
  • Upgrading Shopify to the latest version
  • Testing and troubleshooting after an upgrade
  • Regular maintenance tasks and best practices
  • Shopify development best practices
  • Working with the Shopify API and liquid templating language
  • Developing custom Shopify themes and templates
  • Creating custom Shopify apps and plugins

Key Highlights

  • Flexible Timings
  • Industry Based Training
  • Expert Trainer
  • Affordable Fees
  • Placement Opportunities
  • Highly Qualified Teachers
  • Flexible Batch Timings
  • Interactive Learning
  • Live Projects
  • Career Support
  • Job Oriented Training


IT Training Indore, will make sure, after completion of the course, we will provide you the hard and soft copy of the certificate.

It will take 3 to 4 months to complete the course and start building competitive professional job materials. Note: Students grasping power, depend on completing the course.

The basic pay for Shopify Developer in Indore ranges between ₹ 1.2 Lakhs to ₹ 5.0 Lakhs with an average annual salary of ₹ 6.0 Lakhs.

Yes, our Shopify Development course is based on live projects where you can apply your basic knowledge and gauge your progress.

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