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Know Why Should You Learn PHP?

PHP has emerged as the world’s fastest growing scripting language. IT Giants like IBM have invested in Zend PHP organisation, which clearly suggests the ability of this emerging scripting language. So making your profession in a personal home page is very easy while you choose the proper location. This technology has the ability to embed HTML which is a markup language for designing purposes.

 It is an open source technology which is mainly used for graphical user interface and in command line argument applications. PHP can have the ability to deploy in many operating systems and platforms and that is why it is gaining its popularity day by day. PHP is easy to learn and understand as its code is very light and developing is also cost effective.

What can you learn?

Commonly open source technologies have a huge demand in the IT Industry. Demands in

  1. PHP 5 & MySQL Database
  2. PHP is Open Source and Cross Platform dynamic database driven Programming Language.
  3. Zend Framework
  4. The Official PHP Web framework – Zend Framework is rapidly becoming the de facto PHP framework. Now build, deploy and maintain powerful PHP based web applications quickly and efficiently.
  5. RIA with HTML 5 AJAX Jquery PHP
  6. Develop & deploy Web applications with HTML5 and AJAX. Desktop calibre RIA Applications is supported by all modern browsers including Internet Explorer 9! RIA (Rich Internet Applications) is the future of web applications.
  7. RIA with Actionscript 3, Flex & PHP

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